Getting Started

How do I connect to Email App?
Connecting through your email accounts is intuitive for anyone who has ever added an email to a device in the past. Simply log in using your existing email address and the app will pull in your correspondence immediately. Email App is now available for both iOS and Android.

How do I connect additional email addresses to my account?
Email App syncs with all major email providers and any IMAP account. Simply click the “+” icon on the main screen, select the type of email address you wish to add, enter your account credentials and the account will be synced.

Is there a limit on how many email accounts I can sync with Email App?
No, there is no limit on the number of email accounts you can add to your account. This is because users will run into cases in which they wish to keep information confidential across all email accounts.

How much does Email App cost?
Its Free!



What countries is Email App available in?
You can currently download Email App in the United States, France, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Our future build out plans include many additional territories, please stay tuned.

What devices is Email App compatible with?
Email App is now available for iOS on your iphone + ipad and will be launching for Android and webmail shortly.

Can I connect to Email App from my desktop or laptop computer?
Yes. Our team is currently hard at work building out the webmail platform. You will be able to log into Email App with your existing email address from any desktop or laptop computer very soon.

How do I change my password?
Your password can only be change through your email providers. For example, if you are logged into Email App with a Gmail account, you will need to visit your Gmail account settings on the web in order to update your password.

Why does Email App want access to my contacts?
Email App requests access to your contacts in order to make communicating with them a breeze within the app.

What do I do if Email App says IMAP folders are disabled.
This setting can be adjusted in your email provider settings on the web. If you are using Gmail on the web, go to ‘Settings’ (the gear icon at the upper right), then tap ‘Labels’, then view ‘All Mail’. Make sure that ‘Show in IMAP’ is check in the ‘All Mail’ row. Repeat if needed for ‘Sent’, ‘Spam’, and ‘Trash’. Please note that Gmail and Email App can take a few hours to sync changes to IMAP Settings.

What causes Email App to crash?
Oh no, that shouldn’t have happened! Crashes can occur from time to time as with any app and for multiple reasons. We are doing our best to keep Email App running as smoothly as possible. You can try force quitting the application or restarting your phone. If that does not help, please reach out to us directly at and make sure to let us know what device the app crashed on, what version your operative system is running on, is the crashing behavior reproducible, and if so, what steps cause it.

Why am I seeing a “Connection error” message?
This is most likely related to your network connection. If you have a strong network connection, try restarting Email App. If you have a weak connection, this could be part of the problem. You can try turning your network connect off then back on and restarting the app. If that doesn’t help, it is possible that Email App isn’t getting along with firewalls or proxies. We’re working hard to resolve this issues which is most common in office locations or any other shared network locations.

My new or restored device isn’t receiving email.
You can remove then re-add your email accounts to Email App when syncing the app to your new device. You can do this in your Account Settings within the app.

Can I print from Mailbox?
Yes you can easily print your message(s) and attachments from Email App. Simply select the message(s) or attachment and tap ‘Print’ from your Advanced Quick Actions. The Advanced Quick Actions can be activated by tapping the + icon.

How do I sign out of Email App?
If you wish to sign out of an individual account, you can do so by visiting your Account Settings in the Email App app. Your Account Settings can be located by tapping the gear icon at the bottom right of your Menu screen.

Can I reorder the emails in my inbox?
No this is not a feature currently offered by Email App.

Does Email App offer spellcheck?
We use the same spell check functionality that is native to you device.

Inbox Tools

How do I set me emails to send at a later date/time?
Email App allows you to schedule your emails to deliver at a future date and time. Make sure that your recipient gets the email when you want them to get it without having to re-open your email. Trust that it got delivered at the optimum time. Simply select the clock icon at the top of your email draft and decide when you would like your email to be automatically delivered.

How do I adjust the font size and color within my email?
When you are writing a new email, click the ‘format’ button near the top left corner of your screen.

How do I attach a file? Can I send multiple attachments?
When you are writing a new email, click the paper clip icon to attach various types of files. You can send multiple attachments.

Can I send an email as an attachment?
Yes, you can send multiple emails as attachments.

Does Email App integrate with where my files are stored? 
Email App does not currently have these integrations but they’re on our product roadmap. In the meantime, you can access all your attachments in an organized file repository within the Email App app. From your email menu click the ‘attachments' folder to peruse your documents and add them to new or existing emails.

How do I cancel an accidentally sent email? Can I set my cancel “send” window for a shorter or longer period of time?
If you accidentally hit send, you are able to cancel the sending of your message within the first five seconds, which is surprisingly long when you’ve hit send by accident. Over time we will make that time adjustable for users.

What is the shaking search feature and can it turn on by itself while in my pocket?
Email App’s search functionality comes into play when you are looking for a particular word or phrase in an individual email. When you have the email open, simply shake your phone to reveal a search bar. Type in the word or phrase, and it will bring you to it. It can only be turned on if you have left your phone on an open email.

Email App crashed, what should I do?
We hate when this happens and are doing all we can to prevent the app from crashing. When it does crash, you can send an email to and we will investigate the problem.

How do I use smart search?
Tap the Search Bar at the top of your inbox to activate Smart Search. Easily find your messages, files and contacts with an advanced search feature. This feature allows you to search by sender, keywords, subject line and precise date.

How do I manage emails: Move, flag, delete, mark as unread, or print?
In your quick actions menu, choose the plus “+” button and you will see all of these options.

How do I delete an individual email address from the Email App app?
In your account settings, tap the trash icon on the individual email address to delete the email account.

How can I rearrange the order of accounts on the main screen?
You can easily rearrange the order of your email accounts on the main screen by pressing down on your desired mailbox icon, then dragging and dropping it into your preferred location.

How do I change the image icon associated with each account?
You can manage the image associated with each account directly via your email provider. For example, if you are connected through gmail, you will have to change the image associate with your profile on your gmail webmail account. Once you have selected your desired image, you will need to disconnect then reconnect that account to Email App in order to see the changes.

You can easily change the image associated with each account by visiting your Account Settings and clicking “Add Photo”

Does Email App support folder views?
Yes. You can easily maneuver between your inbox and all of your unread messages by tapping the ‘Unread’ icon at the top of your screen.

Can I remind myself to follow-up on an email in my inbox?
Yes, absolutely. We know it’s not always the right time to send an email, and messages often get long forgotten at the bottom of your drafts folder. Email App offers a Read Later feature, which allows you to snooze emails. Set a later time and date to read your messages. They will be moved from your inbox and be automatically returned when you are ready. Simply select the message(s) you would like to read later and tap on the clock icon at the bottom of your screen. You can decide when you would like the message(s) to reappear in your inbox.

Can I schedule an email to be sent at a later time or date?
Yes, just as you would set a later time or date to read your message, you can also control when a message leaves your sent box. To enable Send Later, simply tap the clock icon at the top right corner of your screen when you are done composing your message. Decide when you want your email sent and we will automatically send it. Now you can avoid forgetting unsent emails in your Drafts folder.

How can I mark multiple messages as read/unread?
Email App makes marking multiple messages as read/unread a breeze. The right hand side of your inbox acts as a quick scroll hot zone. Simply use your finger to scroll down along the right side of your inbox and your messages will instantly be marked as read/unread depending on their current status.

Can I save a draft in Email App?
Yes you can multitask while using Email App by minimizing your draft messages. Simply drag and drop the email to the bottom right corner of your screen and return to your message when you are ready. You can apply this effect to multiple drafts and easily manage them all in your ‘Drafts’ folder or discard them to the trash. 

Ccc: Email

What is a Ccc email?
A Ccc email is a self-destructing email sent via the Ccc field or in Ccc Mode. These emails can only be read once, are protected against screenshots and cannot be forwarded or printed. All Ccc emails are end-to-end encrypted and come with an extra layer of security using Touch ID, when present.

What is the difference between the Ccc Field and Ccc Mode?
In the Ccc field, only the person Ccc’ed receives the email that self-destructs upon closing. The recipients in the other fields can keep the email as it acts as a regular email. When a person is Ccc’ed with others in the ‘to’ and/or ‘cc’ and ‘bcc’ field, they can see the other recipients of the email but the other recipients can’t see them.                                                                                      
In Ccc Mode, every recipient of the email receives a confidential email that can only opened once and, depending on the length of the message, only read in part on their screen. The recipients can reply, but cannot add anyone to the response. They can however, remove recipients from the response.            

How are Ccc messages protected from screenshots?
Screenshot protection is offered in a dual-layered approach:
The sender, recipient, subject line and message never appear on the same screen. Furthermore, the message is blurred and only comes into focus when your finger is touching the device.
If you attempt to take a screenshot, the Ccc message will immediately self-destruct and the recipient will be notified right away.

What happens when I send a Ccc message to someone that doesn’t have the app?
Currently, recipients need to be connected to Email App in order to read your Ccc message. If they are not, they will receive a notification email urging them to download the app in order to view your message. However, any recipient on any device can read regular emails sent via the Email App app. Our team is hard at work developing a feature that will allow recipients to view a preview of your Ccc message even if they don’t have the app installed on their device.

Your recipient does not need to have Email App installed on their device in order to read your Ccc message. They will receive a notification email that will allow them to view a one-time preview of your message in their browser. As with all Ccc messages, it is protected against screenshots, can only be viewed one time, cannot be forwarded or printed, and will immediately self-destruct once read.

How can I tell if my Ccc message has been read?
Email App does not currently offer read receipts on emails sent via Ccc, however our team is hard at work adding this feature to the next update.

How can I hide the sender’s name and subject line in my inbox or email notifications?
We know how important privacy is to you. You can adjust your Confidential Display options by tapping the Settings icon at the bottom of your menu, go into Email Settings, then Display and shift the toggle bar to turn on Confidential Display. Selecting this option will keep the sender’s photo and name private for all Ccc emails in your inbox. To subject line of Ccc emails is always kept private. 


How does Email App keep my emails secure?
Every Ccc email is sent encrypted end-to-end utilizing 3DES method of encryption.

Does Email App upload my contact book into its servers? 
Similar to many mobile applications, Email App accesses your contacts only with your permission as a way for you to easily communicate with them via the app.

Does Email App store my IP address or UDID?
No. This information is not stored.

Where are my messages stored and how secure are those servers?
Email App encryption assigns multiple, unique private keys to each message sent and only the CCC platform has the key to “unlock” the content. Once the content has been unlocked (the email has been read) it self-destructs and is erased from the Email App server, and all client devices, immediately. No data is ever kept or logged on Email App’s servers, plus, no content is ever saved in your cache, so there is never a record of your Ccc emails.

Who owns the messages and media communicated via Email App?
Email App owns all the messages and media communicated via the app. Remember, we believe in your right to privacy and we would never share your information or content communicated through the system.

Does Email App ever read the messages and media communicated through its system?      

Does Email App use the messages and media communicated for promotional-related purposes?
Never. Your Ccc email content is never stored or shared and your non-Ccc emails are never shared.

Where are my attachments stored and how secure is that location?
Attachments sent via the Ccc field / Mode are never stored on our servers, they are subject to the same self-destruction as the emails they are attached to. Any other attachments sent via non-Ccc email are stored on our servers but are never accessed or shared.

How does Email App cooperate with law enforcement and/or the government if asked? Will I be notified if my information was requested?
Since no information is stored, it is impossible to pull information requested by law enforcement. However, we will comply with local or foreign law enforcement agencies requests but only when done through appropriate legal process such as a subpoena, court order, or other valid legal requests.

Is there an FBI “back door” into Email App?
No, there is no back door for the FBI but as mentioned above, Email App will comply with any requests accompanied with proper legal documentation from the FBI.

Do all messages self-destruct once read?
No, only messages sent in the Ccc field or Ccc Mode will self-destruct. Email App is a revolutionary email platform designed to empower the sender, offering tools to enhance your inbox and give you the option to communicate off-the-record, if you wish. Email App will send, store and receive messages just as you are used to, but gives you the option to communicate off-the-record, if you choose. Learn more about self-destructing messages here (link to “Off the Record Communication section)